AVS supply steps for the world’s first 100% electric taxi

AVS Steps have worked with Dynamo taxis to provide steps for the world’s only 100% electric taxi.

AVS have supplied a completely bespoke engineered electric step for Dynamo Motor Company, who have manufactured London’s first all-electric taxi for 120 years.

The AVS in-house team of designers and engineers worked to create an actuator powers 450mm width step for Dyanmo. The new step has been designed to deploy and stow as the vehicle door is opened and closed.

The all-new electric taxis are Nissan eNV200’s and are completely electric. Due to the location of the electric taxi’s battery pack, the AVS design team had to adapt and scale down the standard EXE step design to ensure that the customers needs were met.

Since then, AVS have received fantastic feedback about the step and we are delighted to have worked on such a unique project.

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