An incredibly slim cassette profile step for a range of vehicles

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The SLE range is a versatile series of electric side access steps for taxis and other passenger vehicles. Similarly to the manually operated SLM, the SLE features an incredibly slim cassette profile of just 46mm making it ideal for low ground clearance vehicles.

Key Features Fitting
  • Safe Working Load: 150kg
  • High torque motor
  • Extremely water resistant
  • Aluminium side arms, with nylon wheels and stainless steel runners.
  • An isolation switch allows the step to be turned off in the stowed or deployed position
  • Self-cleaning side arm action
  • LED warning light – on dashboard
  • Buzzer – that sounds if step isn’t correctly stowed
  • Fully automatic or driver controlled operation
  • Width: 450mm

Safety and operating

Every SLE step is fitted with a heavy duty motor and is exhaustively tested to guaranteed durability and performance, but its slim lines, moulded corners and neat tread design mean this is also a step with style.

Typically, the step will be set up to deploy automatically when the door is opened and retract when the door is closed, although they can also be solely driver operated. The fully automatic control can be switched off in the stowed or deployed position via an isolation switch on the dashboard. A red light on the dashboard will flash to let the driver know when the step is not stowed, and as a failsafe the step can be wired to stow when the handbrake is released.

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