Rhino Group launches two new products

The Rhino Products Group has launched two new products.

In 2017, AVS Steps were acquired by Rhino Products, Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle accessories. We are pleased to announce that the Rhino Group are soon to be releasing two new products to the commercial vehicle market.

The first major product announcement is an all new van door ladder, which will be replacing the existing Rhino Rear Door Ladder. The ladder will be made of clear anodised aluminium side frames, which provide considerable weight savings of more than 50% on all variants over the existing ladder, as well as an array of further features.

The second announcement is the PipeTube Pro. This launch represents the first major redesign of Rhino’s top-selling PipeTube since its launch in 2005. The new product features bold aesthetics, a striking new powder-coated paint finish and exterior design features, as well as a new o-ring seal to reduce water ingress and an optional full length PVC lining.

Both products will be released in September, head over to Rhino Products to find out more.


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